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House Special

Only in Asian Kitchen
S1. Hibachi
Chicken $10.25 / Beef $10.95
S2. Teriyaki
Stir-fried broccoli, onion, teriyaki sauce
Chicken $10.25 / Beef $10.95
S3. Black Pepper
Stir-fried pepper, onion, black pepper and homemade sauce
Chicken $10.25 / Beef $10.95
S4. Sauteed String Bean 9.25
S5. Mongolian Beef 10.95
S6. Green Jade Vegetable 9.25
S7. Massaman Chicken Noodles 10.25
S8. Thai Cashew Chicken and Shrimp 12.95
S9. Mango Chicken and Shrimp 12.95
spicy S10. Thai Fresh Garlic Chicken and Shrimp
Green, red pepper, carrot, celery, zucchini, onions, fried shallot and Thai sauce
S11. Thai Seafood Delight
Lobster, shrimp, scallop and vegetable, black pepper and brown sauce